About Hunted

Your digital Storyteller

Hunted is a creative studio for extraordinary campaigns, strategies & visual design. With a clear concept and strong brand values, we create moments of wonder. This is where people and brands meet. We are your digital storyteller. 

Reach your audience, with us

& growth hacking

A strong brand experience is a must. We assist in exploring, analyzing, developing and realizing your product or brand. Everything is based on interaction: from consultation with clients to sketch and brainstorming sessions with test users and customers. In short, innovative projects for clients with character.

  • branding & visual identity
  • interactive / online campaigns
  • copywriting

Online experiences
& digital storytelling

We design interactive visual experiences, both online and offline. By combining eye-catching content, interactive storytelling, 3D motion design, photography & (360) video production, we develop interactive installations and online experiences.

  • web design
  • ux design
  • online storytelling
  • interactive art projects
  • interactive installations


Capturing Raw & Real Stories

Reach your audience by using video storytelling, we create distinctive audiovisual & 3D motion design for each target audience.

  • video production
  • 3D animations
  • 2D animations



We start with brand values, a clear concept, and a dash of our own intuition to create strong brands, identities and interactive campaigns .


Everything is based on interaction: consultation with clients, sketch and brainstorming sessions with test users and customers.

Scalable teams

At Hunted we work with scalable teams, thereby increasing the resources and creativity to reach a strong end product. For each assignment we put together the right creative team.

Hunted is a design studio founded by Job Taks. We work with experienced designers, strategist, copywriters, web developers, filmmakers, animators and visual artists. Our studio is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.