An interactive art installation for Mysteryland
that drive your senses to the near future. 


Creating an interactive installation that give an extra experience/dimension to Mysteryland.

Experience this interactive art installation and get carried away to the future. Prepare yourself for your new experience in the digital world. We used 3D sensor techniques, scanning the visitor to help them experience the rapidly approaching digital future. We realized the interactive art installation for the visitors of Mysteryland 2016.

Concept interactive installation
3D animation

In collaboration with:
Ruby Horstman & Ian McCassels

Music: Kevin Groen
Overal concept: Studio Harten Aas


In addition to the visual experience, visitors were treated to specially composed music by Kevin Groen. Interactive concept and Visual implementation by Job Taks (in collaboration with Designer Ruby Horstman and programmer Ian McCassels). This installation was seen in 2016 in the Mystic Garden area of Mysteryland 2016 (Overall concept by Studio Harten Aas) & Lichtkunst Gouda.

Enter this interactive art installation and drive your senses to the near future. Prepare yourself to uncover a view of how you are living your digital life. Be amazed, intrigued and inspired by this new future vision. For one minute you can experience the nearby digital future. In total there have been 4500 experiences.

Healing garden / Mysteryland